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To provide Florida, Georgia, South Carolina homeowners with the service and quality they both expect and deserve while helping them cut their energy costs and increase their home value and lower impact on our natural resources.

We have worked hard to achieve our success, and we will continue to build on our way of ethics and standards which have been paramount for our team to achieve the level of recognition we have obtained.

Why Go solar today?

   Likely Eliminate Your Electric Bill

   Federal Tax Credits

   Affordable than Ever

   Energy Price Increase Protection

   Potentially Increase Home Value

   Massive Return on Investment

   It is a Renewable Energy

   Solar makes you Eco-Friendly


Going Solar is very simple


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Solar installation

After signing all the solar paperwork. Your solar  will likely be installed in 3-6 weeks.

We are the best in the industry

Why choose us

We’ve spent years working hard to provide homeowners and business owners, with the best in quality solar power systems to lower energy consumption, energy cost, and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our success is simply a result of our committment to our values.

Solid Foundation

We’ve installed thousands of  Solar system throughout Florida. We have been  in business for 10+ Years.

Financing Availability

We offer lots on financing options. With a lowest interest rate of 2.99%.

Customer Service

Our award winning customer service which is available 24/7. Thanks to our automated direct phone line.

Quality Assurance

We only use the best in the industry. Quality products paired with Quality Experienced Solar Installers.

Customer testimonials

Bill Challas

It was an amazing experience. From start to finish was a smooth process. I totally understand that it will take time to get my solar installed in my roof. It's worth it, my electric bill is now down to $0.

Diane Hamilton

I was struggling with my daily bills, and I notice my electric bill keep going up. That's when my friend Don convince me to go solar, as it would eleminate my electric bill. I was hesitant at first but I'm glad I pursue it. I am happy I have solar.

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