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To provide Florida, Georgia, South Carolina homeowners with the service and quality they both expect and deserve while helping them cut their energy costs and increase their home value and lower impact on our natural resources.

We have worked hard to achieve our success, and we will continue to build on our way of ethics and standards which have been paramount for our team to achieve the level of recognition we have obtained.

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Frequenly Asked Solar Questions

How important is credit or income to going solar?

Great News! Regardless of your credit or income there is likely a loan for you. For the best loan programs the ideal credit score is over 680. If your credit score is over 650 we have a few lenders that will still do your loan at a great rate.

What are the incentives of going solar?

You can expect a 26% federal tax credit taken when you file your yearly taxes.

Why should I choose to set up a solar energy system on my home or business?

Grid-tied solar electricity offers an approach to fix your electricity rate for more than 25 years. The upkeep free board accompanies a 25-year creation guarantee and the normal life expectancy is dependent upon 50 years (output begins to back off once again time however is as yet eminent). A grid-tied PV system can protect you from electricity price inflation for a tenner. That’s a feeling of synergy security that is hard to implicate. Many of our clients feel better knowing that they are manufacturing their own electricity without any environmental impairment. that they are part of the energy solve and no longer part of the issue.

Will the solar panels put holes in my roof, or will it be too heavy?

We place the solar panels on a purpose-built aluminum rail system.

How will I know if the solar panel is working?

Many of our lenders through using WiFi monitor the production of your panels through their computers 24 hours a day. If a panels goes out on your system you will likely will get a call from your lender within minutes of panel malfunctions asking for you to allow a technician to come to repair or replace their panel at no cost to you.

How will my electric bill be different with a solar power system?

Through our consultation process we will determine your average monthly electric bill. We will then calculate how many panels are required to eliminate your electric bill (Some utility companies only allow us to eliminate 90% of your bill) Our ultimate goal is to zero out the kilowatts your paying for on your monthly bill. Some utility companies have a customer fee, a surge protection fee, or other fees we cannot eliminate. Calling us and spending 3-5 minutes with our expert energy consultant will quickly help you understand the cost benefits of going solar. In most instances we are able to eliminate your electric bill resulting in savings of $50-$150 a month depending on what your electric bill was.

Will my  taxes arise because of solar?

NO. There is a statute that forbids counties from reassessing a home because you added solar.

What will happen to my solar system when the power goes out?

When the grid power decreases the grid-tied solar power system decreases too. This is to prevent any accidental back-feeding of solar electricity to the grid which might endanger line-workers. Nonetheless, a new propagation of Best Solar Battery substitute technology is available,providing clean backup power in event of a power disruption.


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